Spring Cleaning – Where To Start

This is one common question that many people ask themselves during spring cleaning. There are definitely lots of things that you can do during this day, but the most important thing that you shouldn’t miss is your air conditioner. Cleaning your air conditioner may sound like a tiring task, but it is too important to ignore. A lot of people suffer from allergic rhinitis and other respiratory diseases just because they keep inhaling unclean air. If you want to keep your family and yourself healthy, cleaning your air conditioner should be on your priority list.

How Can I Clean My Air Conditioner?

You can clean your air conditioning unit using simple tools. Use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner or a compressed air can to remove the dust stuck inside the air filter. Of course, you need a screw driver to remove the screws and pull out the air filter. Make sure that your unit is turned off and unplugged from the outlet to avoid accidents. A pair of gloves and a mask can be helpful, too, if you are allergic to dusts.

Are All Air Filters The Same?

Not all air filters are the same. Some air conditioning units have fiberglass air filters, while some have HEPA filters. HEPA filters need to be cleaned within three to six months, while fiberglass air filters need to be replaced or cleaned every one to three months. If you fail to do this, you may inhale unhealthy air and consume more energy because the air filters are blocked and unable to ventilate clean air easily.

Should I Hire An Expert To Maintain My HVAC System At Home?

Some people don’t want to hire contractors because they don’t want to spend money on things that they can fix on their own. Then again, there are instances where air conditioning problems are too complex. It’s best to hire a professional to avoid damaging the unit and to save time, energy and money. A certified HVAC technician should know how to clean and maintain your unit using his knowledge and tools.

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Phenomenal Advice On Planning A Great Home Improvement Project

78186603There is plenty of information out there to help you with any kind of project you might want to do. The following tips can be helpful to you throughout your journey.

Texturing walls using drywall mud can add visual interest and cover up many blemishes. Adding texture is simple. Trowel drywall mud and then use a sponge, stiff-bristled brush, or just a wadded up trash bag to add texture.

If you want to keep the toilet bowl clean, just add bleach from time to time. The bleach may stink for a bit, but germs will be killed and you will know that everything is as clean as can be. If you can’t stand the smell of regular bleach, you may be able to tolerate the scented variety.

Chipping paint, rotting decks and ceilings which contain water damage can be easily seen when you look through a house you are thinking of buying. Things like roof defects, bad ventilation, or other hidden problems can be located by professional inspectors. While hiring a quality inspector will cost a bit, it can save you a lot of cash in the long run since you avoid expensive surprises after you have closed on your home.

One great home improvement project is insulating. Place weather-stripping on all your doors and windows. Keeping air out of your home will help your cooling and heating systems work better. This can save you a substantial amount on your bills.

It is possible to just replace a lock’s cylinder, rather than the entire lock. The lock component that does the actual locking is called the cylinder. Changing out the cylinder of a lock is enough to preserve your security if you’ve lost the keys to the door. If you’re upgrading the lock for added security or to make your door look better, replace the entire unit.

If you want to install a new screen for your window but are unable to find one the right size, it is simple to make one yourself. It’s easy to cut frame kits to fit a particular window size. After cutting, the next step is to simply attach the screen using a very inexpensive tool. Although certain windows requite a certain screen, you can easily put in external screen that fit all windows.

Almost every homeowner is going to make home improvements. The real question here is whether or not they will be successful. There are so many homes out there that have undergone really bad home improvement projects because they were not informed. Avoid costly mistakes with proper planning and realistic expectations. Use the information here to make improvements on your home.

The Ultimate Guide To Replacing Windows

Although windows are often taken for granted, they are a crucial element in the overall décor of your home. Windows play a very important role in making your home comfortable, well ventilated, and beautiful. As such, they should be given the attention they deserve. Replacing windows should be an easy and straightforward process. In fact, you need to choose something practical that resonates with the overall look of your house. The following are some important considerations you need to make before buying new windows.

The Design & Style

Before buying windows, it is imperative to make sure that their design and styles are exactly in line with what you are looking for. Remember, windows come with a broad variety of designs, sizes and materials and therefore choosing an option that suits your home best should not be hard. Additionally, it is advisable to go for strong, safe, and creatively designed windows that will rhyme well enough with your home’s overall design.

Design Materials

Different types of windows are designed with different materials. There are windows in the market today that are made of wood; others are made of steel; while there are still some which are designed with aluminum and vinyl. The most important thing to do is to pick out a window that is designed with a stronger and durable material. Besides, go for windows that will compliment the interior décor in your home.


Before buying replacement or new windows, it is important to know their sizes. First all, you have to know the size you are looking for. The modern window design industry has really been diversified and it doesn’t matter how big or small of a window you are looking for, the market has great options that can be explored at all times.  However, always know the measurements you want just to avoid disappointments in the future.

The process of picking out the perfect windows for your home is easy and shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. With the simple tips highlighted above, it should be relatively easier to pick out the perfect windows for your homes.

Good Solid Advice About Hvac That Anyone Can Use

When it comes to selecting an HVAC system, there are many decisions to be made. While you can often trust the guidance of a trained professional, it is good to have a basic knowledge of your own so that you’re comfortable in knowing you are not buying too much. This article contains some HVAC basics that will help you to be an educated buyer.

Look for discounts wherever possible. HVAC systems can be rather costly, so you’ll want to seek out whatever discounts and deals that may be out there. When shopping around, ask about any current specials running, and look for discounts that are related to ENERGY STAR compliance. Both can save you a lot of cash.

Be sure to get every quote or estimate in written form. You have no recourse on a verbal agreement, so a written contract is a must. This will allow you to follow up if something goes wrong or you don’t get what you were promised, protecting you from shady contractors.

Make sure you ask for an estimate in writing before choosing a specific HVAC vendor. There are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to purchasing these big items. You’ll want to compare not only the cost of the equipment, but also the set up and the overall energy costs.

Leaves falling from trees can wreak havoc with your HVAC unit. Make sure the fan’s grill is cleaned often during the fall. The fan needs to be able to get proper air inside without any blockages, and extra blockage can later develop into more serious problems.

Purchasing an HVAC is typically confusing, but you are now armed with the information you need. Use it when discussing your choices with a professional to make the buying process easier and the end result one you are happy with. This will help to make your home a comfortable one all year round.